Seven Resolutions for you and your Pet in 2020

Working on a resolution or two for a happier, healthier new year? Consider including some for your pet in 2020! Setting and conquering goals together is a great way to bond with your pet and pick up some mutually beneficial habits. Need some inspiration to get started? Here are seven New Year’s resolutions for you and your pet this new year.

Get serious about weight loss.

If you aren’t consistent about your pet feeding, it’s time to start. If you’ve been noticing your dog or cat seems extra “fluffy” lately, take this opportunity to face the scale and make a weight loss plan. Obesity has many negative and long term effects on the overall health and life span of pets. Work with your veterinarian to determine the best weight loss regimen for your pet. Even if they don’t need to lose weight, it is important to measure food and count calories for your pet’s daily meals just as you would your own.

Drink more water.

Staying hydrated is essential for your pet’s health and your own, helping to regulate body temperature, flush waste and bacteria, and promote skin health. Remember to refresh your pet’s water bowl daily. And when you see him taking a sip, don’t forget to take one yourself.

Learn new tricks.

Who said you can’t teach an old dog (or cat!) new tricks? From trick training to agility, helping your pet develop new skills provides much-needed mental and physical stimulation, improves obedience and reinforces positive behavior. Plus it strengthens your bond and it will be fun to show off your new pet’s talent.

Get creative with activities.

Walks are great, but it can also be fun to engage your pet in other forms of dynamic exercise. Look into agility training, rent a kayak and cruise around with your pet, or try some aquatic training. Your pup will learn to enjoy the water, and most importantly he will love that quality time with you.

Engage the brain.

Even small changes can improve your pet’s day-to-day life. To easily engage your dog or cat, spice up mealtime with a puzzle feeder. Puzzle toys increase your pet’s mental stimulation and daily life enrichment. And it can for you as well! As your pet takes the time to brain train, download a new game or go old school with some crossword puzzles.

Brush your pet’s teeth.

Dental disease affects nearly 85% of dogs and cats over 3 years of age and has significant health consequences. Ideally, you should be brushing your dog or cats’ teeth daily so if you aren’t, make a resolution to start!

Get consistent about vet visits. 

If your pet appears to be healthy, it may be tempting to skip that annual veterinary appointment. But regular wellness appointments are crucial for ensuring that your pet enjoys many happy and healthy years. Yearly examinations by the veterinarian are a key component of good preventive care. While you are setting up their visits, take the time to schedule your own as well.

How can we help you and your pet reach your 2020 goals? Contact us or schedule an appointment today!