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Importance of Early Detection

Incorporating bloodwork into your pet’s annual wellness care will allow your veterinarian to evaluate their overall health. The purpose of clinical screening when your pet is considered healthy is to establish a baseline assessment of what represents “healthy values” for your pet. These values are recorded into your pet’s medical record for future comparison, and they allow your veterinarian to spot any abnormalities or trends before they become serious. The medical testing and technology today allow pet owners to protect their beloved companions like never before.

Did you know?

If detected early, 75% of common diseases in dogs and 63% of common diseases in cats can be prevented by dietary modifications alone over a one-year period.

Kidney disease is one of the major causes of illness and death in dogs and cats, but symptoms do not usually appear until 2/3 of kidney function has been lost. If caught early, an animal can live with this condition for many years.

Early detection of diabetes is extremely important because an early therapy regimen can be more effective and easier on the animal. Detecting and monitoring diabetes early can also prevent damage to other organs.

If a liver problem is detected at early stage of disease and is administered proper treatment, the chance of your pet’s recovery is in your favor.

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Taking preventative steps is the best way to protect your pet! Our doctors recommend year-round broad-spectrum parasite control with efficacy against heartworm, intestinal parasites, fleas and ticks.

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Introducing an easier way to save on petcare! Earn rewards with each purchase of an eligible Zoetis product and redeem for a reloadable Zoetis Petcare Rewards Debit Card to pay for any product or service at our office. Some eligible products include:

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