Doggie Daycare

Your precious pups’ home away from home.

We are the Wilmington area’s premier cage-free doggie daycare, so let us be your precious pups’ home away from home. Whether you are away for a week or need a sitter for a day, leave your pet in our caring and capable hands. Our highly qualified attendants will provide the same TLC as you while keeping them active and happy.

Our Doggie Daycare

We have worked closely with our trainer India Hopkins with Positive Outcomes Dog Training to design our Doggie Daycare program in a way that is safe and enjoyable for all the dogs that come in. We have policies in place to create peaceful playgroups made to be fun for all dogs while they are here. Some of our policies include Temperament Testing for all dogs before being accepted into our daycare program. This testing is used to ensure that daycare is a good fit for them. We use positive reinforcement techniques to help correct any undesirable behaviors while here. Please note, Doggie Daycare is not for every dog. If your dog does not pass our temperament testing it does not mean your dog is a bad dog, just that Doggie Daycare might not be the best environment for them.

We provide more intimate playgroups consisting of no more than 10 dogs which are designed to be less overwhelming. All our attendants have been formally trained by our trainer, India, on handling difficult situations and creating a setting for positive play to help avoid those situations from occurring. Our program uses a change of environment and frequent breaks to help reduce boredom or overstimulation that can sometimes lead to incidents.

A typical day at our daycare will involve smaller playgroups that will be switched between having playtime in our indoor rooms and time in our outdoor play yard where they will get a chance to run around even more. We will also have nap time halfway through the day where the lights will be lowered, and cots will be brought out so that they have time to relax before playing again. All these policies are in place to help make our Doggie Daycare program be as fun and stress-free for the dogs as possible.

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CRAH Doggie Daycare Temperament Test

The purpose of this temperament test is to help CRAH Doggy Daycare maintain a safe environment for the employees and the dogs in their care.

All dogs are individuals, and they have their own unique behavior profiles. This test will help you determine if a dog who is new to the playgroup will be comfortable and enjoy the doggy daycare setting.

How does the temperament test work?

Each section will be graded as pass/fail. If the dog who is being tested passes one section, they go on to the next section, and so on. If they pass all five steps, they will move into the observation period. The observation period lasts for the first five days that the dog visits after the initial temperament testing day.

If the dog fails any one of these sections, the temperament test is then over, and the dog is disqualified from attending the daycare. Not all dogs are meant to be in a doggy daycare setting, and that’s alright. If the dog is disqualified, and the client would like to have other recommendations, we will make those available.

If you would like to schedule a Temperament Test to be evaluated for Doggie Daycare, please call our Doggy Daycare office at (910) 408-7387 or (910) 408-PETS or email us at We hope to see your dogs soon!

*FREE Temperament Testing*

Doggie Daycare
Doggie Daycare
Doggie Daycare

Hours of Operation
Full Day – $25.00
Tuesday – Thursday
7:30am – 6:00pm

Half Day – $19.00
Tuesday – Thursday: 7:30am – 12:30pm and 1:30pm – 6:00pm

Doggie Daycare Closed

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