Regular grooming plays an important role in our pets' overall health. Grooming and bathing services are often mistaken as just a luxury for our pets', when in fact they help maintain our pets' physical health as well as their appearance.

Hillary Spaziano has been a Professional Groomer for over 7 years, and we are excited to have her services available at our Carolina Beach location every Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. 

Grooming, despite the pleasant outcome of looking and smelling great, can be a stressful process for nervous or anxious pets. Hillary has a pure compassion for animals and strives to maintain a peaceful, relaxing environment by grooming one pet at a time. This ensures that all of her focus and attention is devoted to your pet's comfort and safety.

Hillary will provide a personal consultation prior to your pet's first grooming visit in order to be sure all of his/her grooming needs are noted. Grooming prices vary depending on your pet's size, coat, demeanor and personalized needs. Estimates are provided after consultation. *Please note: Core vaccinations and diagnostics are required prior to grooming services. Grooming services are available by appointment only.

Please feel free to give our Carolina Beach office a call at (910)458-3000 to schedule an appointment. Hillary looks forward to meeting you and your furry companion!