Pet of the Month

March - Sir Patrick

Pet of the Month March Sir Patrick has been awarded our March Pet of the Month!  This handsome little guy became a part of the College Road & Carolina Beach Animal Hospital family after he was brought in just before St. Patrick's Day weekend, hence the name, Sir Patrick.  He was just a 6 week old pup at the time with an inguinal hernia, which required immediate surgical intervention.  Sir Patrick pulled through the surgery like a champ, and was deemed the perfect pup by Dr. Gina Scarzella! He was found to be incredibly smart, and full of so much love!  After spending some time being fostered, he found his furrever home with one of our wonderful employees, and we could not be more pleased! 

February - Duke

Pet of the Month February This beautiful boy is Duke, and he has a pretty cool story!  Duke was brought into Carolina Beach Animal Hospital as a new patient in January. His owners decided to sign him up for our Gold Wellness Plan, which includes all of his recommended vaccinations, comprehensive bloodwork, and wellness radiographs (x-rays). When we performed the radiographs, Dr. Scarzella found a very large mass in Duke's spleen, larger than a grapefruit! If this mass had remained undetected and untreated, it would have eventually ruptured and Duke may not have survived. Since the mass was detected before that happened, Dr. Scarzella was able to remove Duke's spleen and save his life!  The mass was sent to the lab for testing to due to the concern that it could be cancer, but it turns out it was benign!!  This is truly a happy ending and a great example of why preventative medicine is so important!  We are so grateful that Duke and his family allowed us to take such good care of him resulting in the best possible outcome!  

January - Sinatra aka Frank

Pet of the Month January Sinatra became a part of our lives at College Road Animal Hospital in January of 2018.  He instantly melted all our hearts with his beautiful blue eyes, and sweet serenades.  While we'll never quite understand why anyone would leave him behind, we feel incredibly thankful that his path crossed ours.  Sinatra quickly settled into his new surroundings, with the hopes of finding the purrfect furrever family to replace the memories of those many cold nights alone.

Once Sinatra was given a clean bill of health, we began the journey of matching him up with a furrever family.  It took no time at all before we received the perfect adoption application.  A family who previously owned two cats, both Siamese, who were very well cared for, living to be 18 and 21 years old. Sinatra's dream had finally come true!!  Now his days are filled with all the love and snuggles he had been dreaming of since the day we met him! By the way, the names Frank now, and we absolutely love it!!