Pet of the Month

July - Walter

Pet of the Month July

Imagine how scary it must feel to be all alone, wandering aimlessly day and night. Never knowing where you will find your next meal, and never having a place to call home. Each day, people quickly pass you on the street as they pretend not to notice your emaciated body and depressed demeanor --- UNTIL TODAY. Finally, your hero has arrived, the person you never knew could show you the love you so deserve.

Walter’s journey did not have the best beginning. He was severely malnourished when he was found, wondering the streets of Raleigh, NC. A young man found him resting on some stairs, barely able to lift his head. After learning he could potentially be put down due to his breed, the young man decided he couldn’t possibly let that happen and decided to keep him. He immediately took him straight to a local veterinary office to be checked out. He soon learned Walter was heartworm positive and would require treatment. Once he was healthy enough to undergo treatment, Walter pulled through like a champ!  We've been told that he absolutely LOVES coming to College Road Animal Hospital because he gets so much love and attention.

Although the road wasn’t easy, Walter could not be happier today. He found his perfect furrever home where he continues to receive the unconditional love every dog deserves!