Pet of the Month

February - Blanche & Dorothy

Pet of the Month February

While we may not be the full set of Golden Girls that doesn't make us any less iconic than those ladies on the big screen! You may not believe it, but we were a complete surprise! You may think that's im-paws-ible, but here were are as proof at 11 weeks old. Our mom became lost during Hurricane Florence and when she arrived home when it had all cleared over, thankfully perfectly healthy and safe, she certainly wasn't alone! Not to toot our own horns, even though we are not full grown, we are all pretty fetching. We've learned we won't be making our Pawllywood debut any time soon, or be on the cover of Vanity Fur, but being loved by you would more than make up for it! We're pretty paws-itive we would make a great addition to your home. We haven't had a chance to meet felines to know if we like them or not, but we're sure that after getting a chance to know us we would be a purr-fect match.

Dorothy is the largest of us, which means that she gets to deal with the puparazzi instead of us. She's also the most relaxed, content to spend her days lounging around. I'm sure if she could read, she would be most at home with a book in paw in the comfiest chair!

Blanche is a mix of her sisters, both calm and playful when the mood is right. She has definitely become a fan favorite at the clinic. You can find her twisting the staff around her paws to get all of the snuggles she could ever imagine. Not that we mind!

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting any of these lovely ladies, feel free to submit an adoption application directly online at, or contact our office for more information (910)395-6555.