Seven Ways to Pamper Your Pet This Valentine’s Day

Pets are our best friends. They do anything for us, so we should return the favor by spoiling them a little! This Valentine’s Day pamper your pet to show your love and gratitude for their never-ending loyalty.

Here are seven ways to pamper your pet and show them just how much you care.

Dedicate a day to playtime.

Your pets crave your attention! The simplest way to spoil your pet is give them undivided attention. Schedule a walk, an hour at the park, 20 minutes of a game with one of their favorite toys. Sometimes taking your pet to the pet store can add variety to the daily routine.

Make a sweet treat.

We often show our love for people in the kitchen, so why not do the same for our pets? After all, no one on earth loves a delicious treat more than our pets. There are many great recipes online that have healthy and yummy ingredients such as pumpkin and peanut butter. But if baking isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Order some special pet-safe treats online. The great thing about cats and dogs is they’ll never know the difference, and they’ll never complain!

Schedule a spa day.

Splurge on a spa day for your pet. Many pets associate negative feelings with their bath time but creating a fun experience with a pet spa can turn that around. We offer grooming services at our Carolina Beach Animal Hospital on Tuesday through Friday.

Our groomer, Hillary Spaziano, has been grooming for over ten years. She has a unique way of building trust with our clients and their pets. Want to develop your kitty’s confidence? We offer lion-style cuts that make their faces pop! We have everything from a basic bathing package to full grooming packages.

While you’re at it, make an appointment for a dental cleaning to get your pet’s smile sparkling again!

Make regular vet appointments.

While this may not be as exciting as a day at the park or treats, one of the best ways you can spoil your pet is to ensure they live a long and healthy life. Nothing keeps our pets on a healthy journey more than consistent, annual visits to the vet. Keep your pets up to date on all the necessary vaccines.

If you’re a pet owner, you know that animals need love displayed in various ways. Animals have similar emotions as humans, so help improve their quality of life by trying one of these tips!