Six Ways to Include Your Pet in the Holiday Fun

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But let’s face it, the holidays are the perfect combination of fabulous and stressful. And for your pet, any change in the normal routine can cause some major anxiety around the holiday season.

So, go ahead and spend long days shopping, late nights wrapping presents, and weekends baking cookies. However, don’t forget about your furry friends. Try to incorporate them into the festivities. After all, they are family, too! Here are six ways to include your pet in the holiday fun

Bake some pet-friendly holiday treats.

Scour the internet for “pet-friendly” recipes for a special, homemade snack – trust us, they are everywhere. Everything from minty bones to catnip infused cakes will make this the merriest Christmas yet for your four-legged best friend. Some other ideas include:

Making homemade Christmas dog and cat treat recipes may take a little time, but they are well worth the effort. Not only will your pets love them, but you’ll feel great about the healthy ingredients. Not to mention, they’ll love waiting in the kitchen for you to drop some juicy morsels.

Give to others. 

It is the season of giving, and what better way to honor your lovable pet than by giving to other animals in need.

Select a deserving local animal shelter and donate in your pet’s name to help homeless dogs and cats in your community. You can give money, food, toys, or even your time!

[Need some gift ideas for your furry friends this holiday season? Click here!]

Make an ornament together. 

Make a cherished memento of your pet while creating fun memories together. Craft a unique ornament with your pet like a clay paw print and hang it on the tree. Check out some tips on how to make one here.

Get a photo with your pet and Santa. 

Check your local pet supplies stores for designated days to get an adorable picture of your pet with good ole’ St. Nick. You can send them out in a card, display at the house, or make an ornament.

Pick out a Christmas tree.

When appropriate, include your pet in family outdoor activities like a holiday hike, hanging decorations, or picking out the family tree. Many Christmas tree farms allow pets, so do your research before you head out and plan to have some pure holiday fun.

Binge watch some holiday movies together.

This has been a crazy year, and sometimes the best memories are made while relaxing at home. So, grab a cozy blanket and some hot cocoa and plan to snuggle up with your dog or cat on the couch while binge-watching some pet-friendly holiday movies. Some big hits that they’ll love include “The Dog Who Saved Christmas” or “Grumpy Cats Worst Christmas Ever.”

This time of year is the season to be jolly, so if you find yourself caught up in the craziness and forgetting the reason for the season, take some time to enjoy it with your pets. They are part of the family too, so spend some time focusing on just them during this joyous but overwhelming season. Your pets will be grateful, and you’ll be happy that you included your entire family in this year’s holiday festivities.

And if your pet needs some time away from the hustle and the bustle of parties or needs a secure place to stay while you’re out shopping for the day, be sure to contact the loving staff at College Road Animal Hospital. We offer cage-free doggie day care and boarding services to give your pet the perfect place to stay while you’re preparing for the holidays!