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5 Benefits of Doggie Daycare

May 05, 2021

Are you sick of locking your pet up in a crate all day or leaving them alone while you're at work?

Doggie daycare offers many benefits that make life easier for you while providing your fur baby with a safe and stimulating environment. If you're unsure about whether or not doggie daycare is right for you and your pup, keep reading! These five benefits will have you registering today!

Encourages positive socialization.

Dogs are pack animals, which means they have an innate desire to be around and interact with others. This is crucial because it affects their whole dynamic around other dogs and even people. Socializing teaches them how to behave appropriately, including not jumping on people, being gentle around babies, and not being aggressive towards other dogs. It gives them the confidence to enter new situations and react properly to different stimuli.

From puppy stage and into adulthood, regular socialization is vital for the behavioral development of your dog. They figure out how to be comfortable when meeting new people and other pets, reducing stress, aggression, and skittish behavior. At College Road Doggie Daycare, we provide more intimate playgroups consisting of no more than ten dogs designed to be less overwhelming and deliver a more enriching experience.

Decreases separation anxiety issues.

When an owner leaves for hours at a time, a dog may feel separation anxiety, loneliness, or boredom. This can lead to destructive behavior, and you might come home to chewed-up shoes or furniture and other surprises. Doggie daycare eliminates boredom and relieves separation anxiety. With loving human helpers and plenty of doggie pals to keep your fur baby busy, you won't have to worry about your favorite pair of shoes or that new carpet.

Again, dogs are pack animals and are innately social creatures, so in addition to destructive behavior, they can become depressed. Loneliness will affect our pups in the same way it affects humans. A depressed dog lacks energy, can become withdrawn, sleep more, and can even have a loss in appetite. Depression in dogs is very similar to humans. By attending doggie daycare, your dog can make friends that they can come back to see and play with regularly, allowing them to create special social bonds.

Creates a routine.

Most pets, especially dogs, thrive from routine. By dropping your pup off at daycare, not only do you retain a steady schedule, but dogs will feel secure and become more comfortable while knowing what things to expect.

They will get the opportunity to socialize while being monitored by experienced professionals. Our trainer India Hopkins with Positive Outcomes Dog Training worked closely with us to design our Doggie Daycare program in a way that is safe, enjoyable, stimulating and enriching for all the dogs that come in.

Implements activity and fitness.

Getting the proper amount of exercise is hard - not only for us humans but our pups as well. Dogs rely on us to give them the activity they need, and when they don't get it, that energy gets transferred towards bad habits.

Lack of proper exercise can lead to excessive barking, destructive behaviors, and weight gain. Doggie daycare provides exercise to help burn that energy to keep your dog calm and happy at home. After a day at daycare, your dog will come home ready for a quiet evening.

Peace of mind.

Many dog owners worry about our dogs being home alone all day, whether they roam freely around the home or if they have to be crated. It is common for most working people to be away from the house for a minimum of six to eight hours at a time. And let's face it, we feel guilty about leaving them home alone.

Doggie daycare can relieve that guilt and put your mind at ease, knowing your dog is well cared for by professionals while you're at work or even just running errands. Regardless of how busy your entire day gets, you'll never have to worry about your pet while at daycare. Say goodbye to feelings of guilt or stress about having to run home on your lunch break.

Our facilities at College Road exist to promote healthy and happy dogs through socialization, physical and mental exercise, and positive reinforcement.

Whether it's running in our play yards, socializing with friends, joining in on a bubble party, or just lounging by the pool, College Road Doggie Daycare is the place for all of your pup's wants and needs.

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