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5 Ways To Change a Dog’s Life This Month

January 06, 2022

There are many ways to celebrate and change a dog's life for the better. Keep reading for five ways you can change a dog's life this month.

Adopt or foster a dog of your own.

Adopting a shelter dog is a big way to impact a pup's life. However, if you are not ready to commit to a lifetime of care right now, go for a trial run by fostering.

Fostering helps other dogs by freeing up some shelter resources so new shelter dogs can get what they need and have more potential to find their forever homes. Many shelters have reduced rates for Change a Pet's Life Day, so if you feel ready, start looking into adopting soon!

Sponsor a shelter pup.

If you're unable to adopt a dog this month, many rescues and shelters will allow you to sponsor a dog of your choosing.

Depending on your sponsorship level, you can get pictures and updates that to keep you informed on your sponsored dog, or you may be able to donate an adoption fee to encourage a future forever family to take your dog home. It's an excellent way to make a difference if you can't adopt.


Shelters always need people to help give dogs attention and take them for walks while waiting for their future forever homes.

Volunteering will help shelters provide care for all the dogs they look after, and it allows dogs to learn to socialize, making them more adoptable. Being a volunteer makes a significant impact on the lives of dogs who are waiting to find their new families.


Shelters cost a lot of money to operate, and most are nonprofits. They rely on donations from good-hearted animal lovers to take care of the animals.

By making a charitable donation, you're helping ensure that these dogs get medical care, food, vaccinations, grooming, microchips, and everything they need to prepare for a life in a loving home.

Pro tip: You can also write off most donations to shelters and rescues on your taxes.

Raise awareness.

Check local shelters and see if they hold any Change A Pet's Life Day events. Chances are you can get involved and assist in raising awareness for what shelters need.

Spread the word to family your friends on social media and beyond to make upcoming shelter events a successful chance to connect with those you care about for a good cause.

Changing a dog's life for the better will change your own life for the better, too. If you adopt a shelter dog this month and you're looking for a fur-ever doctor for your new family member, contact the experts at our Hospitals right away!